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Lily Maley

Mom. Brand. Tech. Design. Code. Marketing Management.


I’m Mom to three beautiful kids. I have a wonderful career as Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Brand for Visme. I love speaking and writing on brand leadership and creative marketing strategy. My own mother taught me that you can have a happy family and build a stellar career too. I’m testing that philosophy, every single messy day!

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About Lily

Although I was born in Washington D.C., I traveled to around 12 countries while in utero. After my birth, I c0ntinued to travel the world with my parents, on assignment as journalists (watch my mom talk about it here). I’ve lived in many places with many types of people, and I love the ways this has taught me lessons about global and people management.

At 21, in the middle of college, I found out that I was going to become a single mom. Despite assertions that I was throwing away my future by having a child, I worked full-time and graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from George Mason University. I was determined to build a life and a career to support my child. I had taught myself to code and design; I started using those skills, combining technical and design with my passion for marketing and leadership. Just eight years after my daughter was born, I’m married to my incredible husband Matt, and now am Mom to THREE incredible kids. I’ve also built an amazing career I absolutely love.

Girls Do Digital: My Free Passion Project

I founded Girls Do Digital because my career has been transformed by the power of tech skills.   Faced with the realities of being a single mom at 21 in the middle of college, I started building on the very basic design and coding I had started doing for fun in high school. Much to my surprise, companies were willing to pay – well! – for basic things like HTML email newsletters and simple websites.  Seven years later, I’m a Director at a large B2B tech company.

I’ve seen so many fellow moms facing a difficult decision: it’s too expensive to put their children in full-time childcare but they desperately need an income and want to build a career. So many of these women are smart, driven, and hardworking, but don’t know how to best provide for their families and build a future for themselves. 

Meanwhile, the vast majority of small businesses in America lack an adequate website and digital presence to best market themselves. 90% of Americans Google a business before doing business with them, but so few businesses can afford basic branding with a well-designed logo, let alone a professional web development agency that frequently charges upwards of $10,000 to build a basic website. Women can build home-based businesses generating real income freelancing, if they are empowered with the correct skills. Girls Do Digital is designed to show them exactly how to do it– for free.

My Work

What I do

Visme is a groundbreaking software company revolutionizing the visual content creation and brand management space. Visme enables colleagues to become brand collaborators, creating visual content while locking down the brand standards so that no one goes “design-rogue”. I’ve seen first hand how design teams at scale, especially those working internationally with multiple languages, can lose control of brand quickly when facing the dilemma of “DIY-design” by colleagues not as cognizant of brand standards. I can’t tell you how many times I had to chase down who had a “niece in design school” create a graphic, with the company logo on it, that was entirely off-brand. These well-intentioned colleagues may be on tight deadlines for social media or sales needs, translating existing content without the same software access, or just not want to unduly burden the corporate design team. In addition, the time-luxury to create every single social media graphic and sales deck is just not something that every design team has available to them. For brands facing these issues, Visme is for you.

What Visme offers is a robust and growing design platform with millions of users that anyone can use to create graphics, infographics, cross-compatible cloud-based presentations, animated social media content, and more. Using our presentation upload tool, you no longer have to wonder if your fonts or masked objects are going to work on the presenter’s computer. Moreover, Visme for Business allows a design or brand team to lock down their brand, providing either exclusively their own templates for content creation or full access to the Visme library of templates with easy access to your specified fonts and colors. By creating templates with Visme, a design team can pass off regional translations to in-country colleagues instead of copy and pasting each translation within their design software. Most importantly of all, Visme for Brands gives you the ability to empower your colleagues to be your best brand advocates through active collaboration in the visual content, while giving you full access and insight into what is being produced.

My exciting role at Visme is to bring the power of Visme to anyone who is looking to create compelling visual content, whether with one of our free accounts or an enterprise-level plan for global teams. I’ll be bringing thought leadership on brand to our exception blog content and engaging with my brand management peers who I know experience the same pain points and frustrations that I have and who I know are looking for a solution (I sure was) to these problems.

I am honored to be a nominee for 2019’s Forbes 30 Under 30, and look forward to learning from the best and the brightest in my fellow nominees.

Previously, I was global Director, Creative & Brand at Cision, leading brand and creative for a groundbreaking company revolutionizing the CommsTech space. As the driver of brand, I managed an international internal team as well as agency points of contact. I led global rebrand implementation as well as creative direction for large-scale initiatives including the State of the Media Report and Cision’s IPO. We worked to build a branded house for the single comprehensive cloud-based communications technology platform on the market from a company of M&A legacy brands. 

At the heart, I love telling wonderful stories through everything I do:

Brand Strategy

I enjoy working with dynamic, passionate, forward-thinking brands to build a compelling, unified narrative through visual identity, words, typography, illustration, and a library of visuals to direct their whole organization.

We start with the brand story we want to tell, and I can help craft it into a corporate or organizational identity.

Creative Direction

I love delving into deeper projects where I have the opportunity to get my hands dirty, both as a creative director and as a hands-on visual designer. I have a range of visual expertise: from thought-out, custom powerpoint templates to copy, long-form infographics, and marketing collateral.

We can craft a visual story that resonates the brand narrative and visual direction.

Technical Expertise

The reason, inarguably, that I’ve been successful in my career thus far has been because I can function both at a strategy table but also behind a screen. I do code, know how to “speak” developer, and love when I can get back to my roots so to speak and build full websites and web app skins.  

We take the story and use full scope technology to tell it in the best way possible.

I love to Write and Speak!

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+  Creative and Technical Collaboration

+  Teaching Yourself to Code

+  Life as a Woman in Tech

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Freelance Design Inquiries

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of extra time to take on design projects, even though I love to do them. I do sometimes take on pro-bono website design projects for 501(c)(3) nonprofits or smaller-scale websites and branding packages for local businesses.

Things I love

My Passions

Family First

My family drives me to be my best; I work hard to make them proud; they also are always my number one priority. There are other strategists out there; there’s only one “Mom” for my kids. 

Great Design

Everything we do as a brand conveys who we are as a brand. Everything each brand advocate or colleague touches needs to reflect a deeper story we want to tell: in its content and in its design.

Smart Tech

Too often, tech concerns holds us back from being the best. I help guide my colleagues to respect the power and tools of, rather than fear unknown of, this tech world we all live in every day.