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Forbes’ Under 30 Summit took place the weekend of September 30 in Boston. Matthew and I couldn’t both be away from the kids, so I asked my girlfriend/NASDAQ colleague/budding entrepreneur Ellie to go up with me. First of all, we had SO much fun! It was an absolute blast and so nice to get a little bit of girl time with a good friend with lots of conversation with interesting young humans.

We didn’t mean to coordinate our outfits. It just happened, so we rolled with it.



Here are some of my stream of consciousness thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Sara Blakely, do you need an intern? Someone to just grab you coffee? I want to be your best friend with your amazing energy and enthusiasm for all of the feminine qualities of leadership that I feel like every management book tries to shake out of me!
  • John Kasich is definitely the sanest person in politics right now.
  • All my cool friends tell me that these musical acts are a big deal and I’m sure they are, it’s just hard to know who Marshmello or Russ is when the only music I listen to comes from either the Trolls or Moana soundtracks.
  • So many of the people here are entrepreneurs! SO MANY BUSINESS OWNERS AND FOUNDERS!
  • I may be 29, but I feel 45 at this event. I can’t believe I wore a cardigan. I’m the definition of NOT fashion-forward, and I’m a designer for goodness’ sake!
  • Boston is exactly as rainy as I remember. Brr.
  • I’ve talked to about 39 fellow “Forbes 30 Under 30” nominees. Is this like Hunger Games?
  • I miss my kids, they would love all the fun music that I know nothing about!
  • The fact that there’s a CannaCapitalism track at this conference is super cool.
  • So many intelligent people are here! This is such a refreshing take on the much-maligned millennial set!
  • My husband would absolutely die that Kyrie Irving is here. Also, I can’t believe how diverse Kyrie’s investments are, he’s doing something incredibly right (now to listen to find out exactly what)!
  • In between conversations, I’m checking out a bunch of these startups’ websites and I will say, the Under-30 set sure does do well at making a great mobile-first website for their businesses. Over-40s, take notes!
  • I just met a brilliant professor at Harvard Medical School and had a full-out conversation about the opioid crisis with him. I feel like my IQ just went up a few points!
  • I love how at this conference, everyone just acts like old friends. A group of people just asked me to grab dinner with them since Ellie was on an earlier trip home.  So sweet and inclusive.
  • Holy guacamole, my dinner group ACTUALLY included an old friend from college, Andrew Cohen. Now he runs his own marine company! Big event, small world, and such wonderful people in it!