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AKA: Not as hard as being a single mom/full-time employee/full-time college student, but pretty darn hard.

My job as Director, Creative & Brand at Cision wears a lot of hats. I regularly function as a brand strategist, project manager, workflow consultant, marketing manager, graphic designer, full-stack developer, web designer, copywriter, social media & content creator, persuasive Powerpoint presentation crafter, intercompany diplomat, cross-cultural communicator, and mentor to my growing, wonderful team. Did you ever read that children’s book, Caps for Sale? This is how I picture myself on a daily basis, trying to juggle all these caps when we are continually acquiring and integrating new businesses:

I do not own this. A children’s author does.

Building Brand Amongst Acquisition and Integration

When one usually builds a brand, it is in this perfect vacuum: the company is clear, you know the marketing goals, you have a vision for what this company sells and how best to represent it. The internal conversation goes something like this:

“We are ___________. Our main products are ___________ and we are in the ____________ industry. Our customers usually are ___________ (insert buyer persona here. The values we want to convey in our brand are ___________, reliability (that’s always one), ____________, and customer-centric service (also, always one).”

Super straightforward. You know what your company IS, what your company HOPES TO BE, and what the brand narrative and aesthetic should at least hope to convey.

Now take Cision, my current special snowflake company (that I love so dearly, but it sure does like to keep me on my toes). We wrote a beautiful brand narrative that speaks to very lofty, very compelling goals we have: to become the standout leader in Earned Media Management. Right now we’re a company that’s creating the single cloud-based solution for press release distribution, media monitoring, influencer targeting, comms value attribution, social media tracking and publishing, and custom bespoke briefings and dashboards. We keep adding to that list though of what will be in this amazing Earned Media Management platform, because… ACQUISITIONS!